What is naanu all about?

naanu Team

Julia Devecchi


With a background in business and after being amazed by the startup world, Julia put her love for food and startups together and came up with the idea for naanu. Her favourite naanu cookies are Double Chocolate!

Colin Wirz


With his passion for tech and food, he always wanted to work in a startup that combines the two things he loves. He’s a web developer with more than 10 years of experience. At naanu he’s thrilled to contribute to our important mission to save the planet! His favourite naanu cookies are Peanuts & Chocolate Chips!

Our Advisors

Ingeborg Gasser-Kriss

Expert Advisor, Food Innovation & Marketing

21st century Innovation agent

Expert, Advisor and Keynote Speaker on Innovation and the Future of Food

25 years at Mondelez International, Marketing and Innovation

Member of the Board at SV Group and Alver World SA

Our Mission

To empower the world to move towards plant-based nutrition.

Our Values

We believe in change-makers, those who have a positive impact on our planet. Which is why we aim to empower you, in the most simplest, healthy and enjoyable way we know.

Learn more about us on our Blog.

The Story of naanu

Here’s the story of naanu, told by our Founder, Julia.

I became vegan after watching a documentary called Cowspiracy by Kip Andersen. Health issues raised in that movie related to the consumption of meat were convincing enough for me to switch diets. On top of that I read Comfortably Unaware a book by Dr. Richard Oppenlander and learnt what Dr. Michael Klaper, a physician, had to say about plant-based diets compared to meat based diets (and about milk specifically) and their effects on the environment and the sustainability of the planet. There are of course a multitude of reasons for going vegan.

After doing some more research, I was convinced of the health benefits associated with a vegan diet and knew it would be better for the sustainability of the planet.

What I wasn’t expecting at this point was all the possible deficiencies that a plant-based diet would bring. The easiest solution of course to overcome possible deficiencies is to take supplements in the form of pills. This is where my annoyance began. I personally hate taking pills and rarely reach for chemically made medication. The very few times I make myself swallow pills is when I’m trying to overcome a migraine.

At the same time, I have always had a sweet tooth and love chocolatey things. But once I became vegan I think there was probably more than 99% of the sweet things on the shelf at a grocery store that were not vegan. The few sweet vegan things that exist contain palm oil and/ or are wrapped in plastic packaging! These limited options really bothered me and I often made Chocolate Chip Cookies by substituting non-vegan ingredients with plant-based alternatives.

This is when the idea first came to mind. I believe in “let food be thy medicine” by Hippocrates. So, there must be a way of a) getting all nutrients from natural and vegan sources and b) being able to enjoy taking supplements! Now that I had the idea of something edible that is vegan, how would I get all the nutrients in there and how was I going to figure out if other people also would want something like this? I joined the Founder Institute, a program that helps people with ideas start business and that’s where it all began. You can read about how naanu started on our Blog.

I hope you enjoy our naanu!

Happy wishes

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Founder of naanu