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5 Tips To Easily Switch To A Vegan Diet This Veganuary

8 months ago

5 easy tips for veganuary

How to have a green Christmas? Try these 5 ideas.

9 months ago

Changing the way you do your presents, lighting or cooking, can make a big difference. Let's see how.

7 vegan restaurants in Zürich that you can't miss.

10 months ago

When it comes to plant-based eating, Zürich has something for everyone. See what naanu picks for you.

5 simple tips for a tasty vegan Thanksgiving.

10 months ago

From sauce to butter to cream, you can easily turn them into vegan for your Thanksgiving.

There are 4 ways to enjoy naanu. Have you tried them?

10 months ago

Top it to your power breakfast or energy bowl? Or turn it into smoothies? Let's get creative in enjoying naanu cookies.

Here are 4 Halloween treats that are spooky but simple!

a year ago

Using healthy and tasty ingredients, they won't take much of your time.

Going away this autumn? Here are 6 safe, simple travel tips.

a year ago

With the shadow of pandemic, where to go and what to pack are not as simple as it used to be.

Healthier snacks at work? Try these 4 delicious dips.

a year ago

From peas to nuts, you can easily make and pack these vegan dips to your office.

6 seeds that do wonders to your health. What are they?

a year ago

From chia to sesame to pumpkin seeds, seeds are such super healthy addition to your diet.

Still clueless which vegan ‘milk’ that’s right for you? Here’s a guide.

a year ago

How do they taste? How nutritional are they? Learn more about it here.

It’s summer. Can I still be vitamin D deficient?

a year ago

Taking a closer look at the 'sunshine vitamin' and how it works.

Why and how to take part in plastic free July?

a year ago

Let's start small and make a difference.

3 super healthy vegan workout snacks.

a year ago

These 3 bites will help nourish you after a sweaty session.

Why every vegan should try tempeh (and how to cook it?)

a year ago

Discovering the tasty and nutritional Indonesian vegan food.

What to shop for your vegan pantry during pandemic?

a year ago

From grain to seeds, pick these vegan ingredients to meet your nutrients needs.

Want to raise your kids vegan? Here's a healthy guide.

2 years ago

Taking care of the right key nutrients they need is vital. But what and how?

What every athlete needs to know about going vegan.

2 years ago

A well-planned vegan diet plays an important role for athletes' performances and health.

4 compelling reasons to go vegan.

2 years ago

Being vegan for your health, the wellbeing of animals and to tackle hunger and climate change.

What actually made these 7 celebrities turn vegan?

2 years ago

Are they nutritional, ethical or environmental reasons? Unveil the truth why these famous people turn vegan.

Why naanu makes vegan life easy, healthy and enjoyable?

2 years ago

A vegan diet is clearly beneficial but what about the nutritional deficiencies? That's why we make naanu.

The true story behind naanu.

2 years ago

How naanu became a FoodTech startup in Zurich after the Founder Institute accelerator.