5 simple tips for a tasty vegan Thanksgiving.

Sauce, butter or cream? You can use plants to make them.

naanu Vegan nutrients 5 simple tips for a tasty vegan Thanksgiving.

Published a year ago by Kathy Muenster
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It’s that time of the year again! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And you can imagine what it means. Delicious dishes, irresistible sweets, baked goodies. But what matters most is, our joyous time spent with friends or family. 

For you who want to have a vegan Thanksgiving and don’t know how to start, no worries. We got you. Let’s have a look at these 5 simple tips.


  1. Stuff it good

Instead of using chicken or beef stock, use vegetable broth to cook your stuffing and gravy. Grab one of those bouillon cubes or stocks in boxes in shops or what’s even better, make one yourself. 

  1. Butter me up 

To bake, to cook, you need some fats. And lucky us, the shops offer plenty of choices of plant-based butter made from oil, nuts, soy or aquafaba for example. Alternatively, you can use oil from sunflower, vegetable, olive or coconut (it has a strong flavour, mind you). It all depends on your need. Is it for frying, spreading or baking? What works great for cooking might not work wonders in baking so do enough research about it. 

  1. Not a dream for some vegan cream

Years ago before all these plant-based milk popping out, one could only dream to enjoy some vegan cream. Now, we have a myriad of options. Take cashew milk for example, with its rich and creamy texture, it is suitable for your mashed potatoes or that mushroom gravy. What can you use to spray on your Thanksgiving pie or tarts? No panic. Chances are, you will find  soya or coconut cream-based whipped cream in your local shops. Or if you feel a bit adventurous, make one yourself with aquafaba?


  1. The ‘eggs-periment’

How to replace eggs? Use fruit purée from apple, pumpkin, banana, prune or apricot. You can also use chia seeds, flaxseeds, or soft silken tofu (works like magic for quiches or custards). With the magic of aquafaba, it is also possible for us to make vegan merengue or pavlova. If you are not ready to experiment with natural egg replacements, one option is to use one of those commercial egg replacement products. 


  1. Beyond Turkey.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a turkey-focused holiday anymore like it used to be.  Thanks to the soy, grains and nuts, we can create wonderful turkey replacement dishes. If you want to put something special in the centre of the table, why not put on your cooking hat and try this hearty, healthy beautifully-glazed Vegan Meatloaf? 


Making Thanksgiving vegan isn’t as complicated as most people think of. Surely, you’ll find the joy of finding the right ingredients to make and accompany the dishes. 


We at naanu also support a plant-based lifestyle and want to make it easy for you.  That is why we create vegan nutrients that happen to be in cookies. They contain vitamin D, B12 and omega-3 as well as high in minerals. Have a look of our 3 tasty flavours here. 


What will be the highlight dish in your own vegan Thanksgiving? Tell us about it.  Follow us on Instagram and keep yourself updated with our news. 


Have a nutritious joyous Thanksgiving!