7 vegan restaurants in Zürich that you can't miss.

Where can you go in Zürich when you feel like eating out?

naanu Vegan nutrients 7 vegan restaurants in Zürich that you can't miss.

Published a year ago by Kathy Muenster
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Zürich now boats a flourishing vegan and vegetarian scene. Asian cuisine? Ayurvedic cooking? Or a buffet? There is something for everyone. 

Check out naanu's picks for you.  


Have you tried jackfruit curry or tempeh in candlenut ‘kemiri’ sauce? If not, off to experience Dapur. Seven years after the opening, duo-owners Diane and Rachel turned vegan in September 2018- and, so did the restaurant. Serving authentic Indonesian food, the ladies are passionate to show how the cuisine can be rich, flavourful and delicious by using 100% plants. 


Klara’s kitchen

With ‘fresh and healthy nutrition’ as their philosophy, Klara’s Kitchen creates nutritional breakfasts and lunches for everyone who craves a light and high-quality diet. Located strategically in town, it creates organic and vegan food that incorporates superfoods with deep nutritional values like chia seeds, spirulina, maca powder, hemp hearts and more. 



Vegan with a passion for Ayurveda? Then Mohini is your place. Just a few steps away from Central tram station, it offers vegans and vegetarians who look for 100% organic, seasonal and regional food directly from organic farms. The dishes are made with options for gluten or lactose intolerant customers. They also organize activities like coaching, seminars or yoga as well as catering and Ayurvedic cooking courses. 



Located in the lively District 4, Marktküche has been offering a distinguished gastronomy experience since 2014. In their stylish atmosphere, you can enjoy meatless gourmet creations using market-fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients. The small team offers a 3-course lunch menu every last Friday of the month. 



Curious about the name? It stems from the German name ‘Sauerklee’ which refers to a plant. Spearheaded by Zineb Hattab (Zizi), Kle opened in January this year, offering North African and Mexican-inspired cuisine that impressed many food reviewers. Brunch or dinner menus change depending on seasonal ingredients. 


The Sacred Restaurant with Vegelateria

Being the first organic-vegan restaurant​ in Zürich in 2013, The Sacred has been serving vegan and organic buffet meals plus 20 varieties of vegelato and a range of hot and cold drinks. The word Sacred itself reflects their special relationship with all food and all beings on earth. If you’re an ice cream lover, this is your place. 


Wild Bowls

Who would’ve thought that an aspiring professional ice-hockey player like Dennis Wild can fall in love with creating bowls? Driven by his passion to share healthy and delicious food with the like-minded and increasingly health-conscious Swiss, Wild Bowls was born. You’ll find a fun variety of bowls, toasts, smoothies, shakes and drinks. 


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Stay happy and healthy and have fun eating vegan food in Zürich!


Photo: Dapur