Healthier snacks at work? Try these 4 delicious dips.

They’re not just packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, but also easily made within minutes.

naanu Vegan nutrients Healthier snacks at work? Try these 4 delicious dips.

Published a year ago by Kathy Muenster
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The summer holiday ends and for most of us, that means returning to our work desks. For those of you who happen to work from home, eating healthy might not be that hard as you can open the fridge anytime and prepare something easily. But for those who have to spend those hours in an office, it could be a challenge. The tension that creeps into our necks from the sedentary nature of sitting at a desk, the unpredictable craving for sugary, caffeine-loaded snacks and drinks, can bring on stress to the body and mind.

So let’s avoid that and eat healthier by bringing our own munchies. It’s healthier, cheaper and hey, you know what goes inside your food! 

Start with dips and spreads. Why? They’re ridiculously simple to make and can go with a lot of different snacks. Once you have made them, they can easily be enjoyed with bread, crackers, veggie sticks, anything. 

Let’s look at these 4 no-cook dips you can easily make yourself: 



Nutty, garlicky, and flavourful, pesto works wonders as a spread for crusty bread, addition to pizza, antipasti sauce for pasta or noodles. The basil leaves (you can also make it with broccoli or kale) in pesto are rich with vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, magnesium and more. Make a super easy vegan pesto within 10 minutes here. 



Chocolate tahini spread aka nut-free 'not-tella'

Having a sweet tooth? Well, this one is for you! This nut-free 'not-tella' gives you an extra boost of nutrients from tahini (sesame seeds as the main ingredient). You can layer your sandwich, use as an icing on cakes or muffin or any sweet snack you can think of. Totally delightful! Here's how to make your own palm oil-free 'not-tella' with just 3 ingredients plus salt (recommended!). 

Cashew butter

Why should every vegan fridge have a jar of cashew butter? Because it goes wonderfully with a lot of dishes. As a spread on anything, sauces for noodles or veggie satay, salad dressing or baking. You can easily make it within minutes and adapt it to make it sweet or salty. 



You like it creamy? Or lemony? Make it the way you want. Made mainly with chickpeas, hummus is rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium,  iron, zinc and much more. Dip your veggie sticks, spread it on your sandwich toast or base your vegan pizza. Here is how to make a simple, fresh, flavourful hummus. 

Dips and spreads are not just tasty and heavily nutritious but so simple to make. You can creatively mix and match them with other snacks for your healthier munchies at work. 



Work and a hectic life sometimes have a way of slipping past us and therefore deprive us of a nutritious lifestyle. That’s why we offer naanu cookies, as a simpler, healthier, and more delicious alternative to your supplements. They’re fortified with vitamin D, B12 and omega-3 as well as rich in zinc, iron, calcium and fibre. Just one cookie a day meets your daily dose of nutrients! Made with natural ingredients, naanu cookies are also vegan, gluten-free, and organic, making them guilt-free and easily consumed by people with intolerance/allergies. Take one for breakfast or as a snack at work to keep your body fit and nourished.  

Check our original and no-added sugar range here. 


What are your own healthy snacking tips for work? 

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Have a good return to work and stay healthy. 

naanu team