How to have a green Christmas? Try these 5 ideas.

Changing the way you do your presents, cooking or lighting, can make a difference.

naanu Vegan nutrients How to have a green Christmas? Try these 5 ideas.

Published a year ago by Kathy Muenster
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Avoiding food waste, creating your own presents and limiting the time of your Christmas illumination, are simple steps to a more sustainable Christmas. 

In this blog, naanu is happy to share with you 5 simple, easy ways to help reduce the burden on the planet during Christmas without missing the festive magic. 


  1. Gifts and cards

  • Give experience rather than ‘things’. Example: Vouchers of what you can offer to a friend (cooking, baking, yoga, beauty make-over, fixing something).

  • Make your own gift from recycled materials or in the form of donations.

  • Send Christmas e-cards or craft your own. 

  • Instead of commercial wrapping paper, try reusable cloth. Use scarves, soft thin towels. Have a look at how simple these 3 basic ways to wrap gifts in fabric.


  1. A more sustainable Christmas tree

  • Instead of buying a new one (yet again), why not turn your existing houseplants into “your style” Christmas tree?

  • Alternatively, you can also rent a tree, so it will get replanted at the end of the season. 

  • If you’re in the creative mood, here are some witty ideas of DIY Christmas tree ideas.


  1. Cut down on food waste

  • Plan your meals and stick to your shopping list. And when possible, buy local and seasonal ingredients. 

  • Find out ways of storing the meals you cook to keep them last longer.

  • Before throwing away the leftover, ask yourself if you can share them with others or turn them into some new delicious dish the next following days. 


  1. Less energy, save money 

  • Switch to LED Christmas Lights. Find out here why.

  • Limit the time of your Christmas illumination.

  • Avoid gifts that use batteries or electricity.

  • Take public transport or share a ride to go to your Christmas dinners.


  1. Reduce your plastic use

  • Use your own grocery bags.

  • Choose loose products instead of pre-packaged ones when possible.

  • Avoid using single-use straws, cutlery or plastic bottled water.

  • Have a go making your own wreath, which can be used for years like shown here Christmas-door-decorations.


Do you have more ideas to share for a better, sustainable Christmas? We would love to know more. Keep in touch with the latest about naanu on Instagram!

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Enjoy your happy, healthy, eco-friendly Christmas!