The true story behind naanu.

How could one small idea in a room with 27 other ideas grow into a real startup?

naanu Vegan nutrients The true story behind naanu.

Published 3 years ago by Julia Devecchi
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April 2019. It was a month that changed our Founder's life, Julia Devecchi.

Why and what happened?  

By accident, she re-enrolled in the Founder Institute (a Silicon Valley based accelerator). We know many great inventions happened by accident, such as cornflakes, Post-It notes and popsicles! Sure, this isn't quite the same.

During the Orientation session in Zurich at the Impact Hub Kraftwerk, Julia found herself in a room full of like-minded people, all of whom had at least one idea they wanted to pursue. We were joined by industry professionals, potential advisors, directors and mentors of the global Founder Institute community.

Three months on, and our Zurich cohort has reduced down to 9 people with 7 incorporated companies and only two more sessions to go before completing the premier idea-stage accelerator. It feels quite a bit like the TV show Silicon Valley (although at a slightly smaller scale) and it often is crazy and gives limited time to make decisions. Pitching has almost become second nature with tiny hiccups only every now and then.

We've found advisors, co-founders (thank you LinkedIn), our first customers, great people to share and exchange ideas with and most importantly have a company established that seems to be going in a good direction.


Shout Out to all other startups

Because we are nearing the Founder Institute graduation, we'd like to share all the other companies that are in the cohort (in alphabetical order by company).

Alejandro is the CEO and Co-Founder of AI Retailer Systems, a fully automatic checkout system with an AI-based video analysis tool to identify in real time who is shopping, what products are picked up and invoice them to the right customer.

Ela and Matthew have co-founded Cook Eat, a two-sided market place for home cooked meals. You can already post or buy a meal on the platform.

Vini has founded discover Food Origins, enabling people to have authentic experiences in real farms, thereby directly contributing to the empowerment of farmers. You can sign up and be the first to book an exciting experience!

Erin founded gilly, to make intimacy and desire easy for people who feel more like roommates than lovers. You can signup to be one of the first to try it out!

Raphaela and Sven founded Meloncast, uncovering untapped revenue potential with AI, helping marketers make better decisions with the use of data.

Christian co-founded überfein, which helps create healthy food habits through a recommendation system that is tailored to peoples' needs. You can also sign up for early access when they launch in 2020!

As a young food-tech startup that aims to progress, naanu is always trying to move forward. In May 2020, we took a bold step to carry on with crowdfunding on page and was successfully 129% funded with 187 backers.

Since its birth, naanu has gone a bit of a journey so far. Vegan, organic and gluten-free, they meet 100% of your daily nutritional needs in vitamin D, B12 and omega-3. They're also high in calcium, iron, zinc and fibre. 

Have you tried them? We would love to hear your thoughts. Follow us on Instagram page to stay updated with our latest news. 

Have a healthy happy time. 

naanu team