There are 4 ways to enjoy naanu. Have you tried them?

Some like it smooth, some like it crumbly, here are delicious, different ways of enjoying naanu cookie.

naanu Vegan nutrients There are 4 ways to enjoy naanu. Have you tried them?

Published a year ago by Kathy Muenster
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We all love cookies and here are some fun ideas on how to enjoy our naanu! naanu are plant-based nutrients that happen to be cookies. They’re organic, gluten-free, handmade in Switzerland.  - how inspiring is that!

How come naanu are actually vegan nutrients? Well, each cookie is fortified with Vitamin D, B12, Omega-3 as well as rich in calcium, iron, zinc and fibre, all you need to stay healthy! So, one a day meets your daily need of nutrients. .

As simple as life itself! 

Now to the fun part. How to enjoy them? 

Joyfully, bite it to the last crumb. Some also like to add a bit of zing when eating naanu. They add the cookie to their power breakfast, energy bowl or turn it into smoothies. To take it up a notch, why not mix and match naanu with something else?  We have 4 ideas for you to try. Easy.  

Be inspired to make your own naanu signature bowl


Smoothie Bowl Chocolate Chip 


A delicious bowl of naanu chocolate chip cookie, yogurt and fruits. It’s a super healthy and tasty breakfast to start your day.  

Blend these following ingredients: 

  • Chocolate chip cookie 1 piece
  • Vegan coconut yogurt 150g
  • Banana ½ 
  • Frozen berries 30g
  • Mango 30g

Fancy some toppings too? Add chocolate chips and add any fruit you want. 


naanu chocolate chip bowl



Peanut and Banana Mix 


A delightful mix of crunchy peanuts, banana, yogurt, and cacao powder. Yummy - If you love peanuts, then you must try this one. 

Blend these following ingredients: 

  • Peanuts and chocolate chip 1 piece
  • Vegan coconut yogurt 175g
  • Banana 1 small 
  • Cacao powder ½ teaspoon


Sprinkle it with anything you like. Peanuts, coconut flakes.

Chocolate Milkshake


A special treat to look forward to on weekends? 

Blend these following ingredients: 

  • Double chocolate 1 piece
  • Oat milk 200 ml
  • Vegan chocolate ice cream 1 scoop


It’s so rich and chocolatey, what an enjoyable way of getting your vegan nutrients. 


Cookies and Cream Yogurt (by Kasiasplate)


Hey, Kasia, thank you for contributing with this special bowl, it looks awesome!  This is fantastic as a pre-workout meal as it is really light but still gives lots of energy too”, Kasia states. Instead of blending the cookie with everything, Kasia enjoys it together with her bowl creation.


What you need to mix: 

  • 35g vegan vanilla protein
  • 300g soya with almond yogurt 

Top the mix with: 

  • naanu chocolate chip cookie 
  • chocolate shot
  • white chocolate drops
  • chocolate chip granola

naanu bowl with chocolate chip cookie

We at naanu are happy that you enjoy our cookies in different ways. We want vegan life to be easy and fun. Our naanu cookies contain Vitamin D, B12 and Omega-3 as well as being high in minerals so you can stay healthy, nourished in a most convenient way. Check our 3 tasty flavours here.  

Do you have a special way of enjoying naanu cookies too? Share it with us! Follow us on Instagram and keep yourself updated with our news!


Stay healthy and happy with naanu.