Why and how to take part in plastic free July?

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naanu Vegan nutrients Why and how to take part in plastic free July?

Published 2 years ago by Kathy Muenster/Sophia Reynolds
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Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made still exists somewhere on the planet? Plastic is forever. To put that in context, if William Shakespeare drank from a plastic bottle when he was writing Romeo and Juliet, fragments of that bottle would still exist.

There are two types of plastic. The kind that can be the recycled and the kind that can't. The one that we are focusing on in this piece are single use plastics. These come in many forms, such as packaging, straws, plastic bags, and, believe it or not, wet-wipes.

There are 6.3 billion metric tons of un-recycled plastic sitting in landfill. Reports have shown that only 9% of all plastics produced globally get recycled. So what happens to the rest?

Unfortunately most ends up dumped in landfill or cluttering the oceans. This has a devastating impact on both wildlife and humans alike. In one year plastic waste kills over 100,000 marine animals and 1 million marine birds. These plastic rubbish breaks down into small toxic particles that pollute our water supply and enter our food chain. A daunting reality we are all facing. 

So what can we do? Start reducing your usage of those single-use plastic items in the name of convenience. Shopping bags, straws, bottled water, are some simple items that can be swapped for reusable alternatives. 

Plastic Free July is a global movement that brings millions of people together to tackle plastic pollution. It's a reminder to ditch our convenience culture and prioritize sustainable choices. A small change can make a big difference. Here are some tips to get you started:


Plastic-Free on the move: 

 • Bring your own water bottle. 

 • Pack lunch in a reusable lunch box with reusable cutlery.

 • Carry your own containers for take away, street food, leftovers, or snacks.

 • Avoid disposable straws, if possible carry your own reusable ones.

 • Take your own reusable coffee cup (some coffee shops offer a discount!).

 • Buy your groceries loose and without plastic packaging. If you can make it to the local market, even better!


Plastic-Free at home:

• Order your takeaway without plastic cutlery.

• Bring your own shopping bags.

• Switch tea bags for loose-leaf ones as most tea bags have plastic in them.

• Instead of cling film; use bees’ wax cloths, glass containers, reusable containers, jars or pots to store food or just cover with another plate.

• Use metal or wooden kitchen utensils instead of plastic ones.

Wet wipes contain hidden plastics and they’re either thrown in the bin or even worse, in the toilet. Instead, you can use your own reusable cloth.


Plastic-Free in bathroom:

• Choose skincare products in glass jars. Check out some brands that offer refills.

• Swap plastic toothbrushes for compostable ones.

• Use washable cotton pads instead of disposable ones.

• Buy plastic-free dental floss.

Switch to shampoo bars.

• Use menstrual cup and reusable feminine pads.


You can start small


By following a few of these steps you make a difference. By following all of them you make an impact. Tackling the effects of single use plastics may seem like a mammoth task, but you're not in it alone. By making more sustainable choices you're part of a greater global movement. One that is focused to building a kinder and greener future for our planet.

But let's not refine our changes to Plastic Free July. Let this month be the springboard for creating new habits and designing a more sustainable future.


What are we doing at naanu to help combat the plastic crisis?


At naanu, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. That's why we only use plastic-free biodegradable packaging. It keeps your cookies fresh and is environmentally friendly. We also buy our ingredients in bulk, and where possible, without plastic packaging.

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Let’s work together on creating a happy, healthy, more sustainable future! 

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Have a healthy happy time. 

naanu team

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