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Some Facts about Naanu

3 months ago

Three facts regarding our recent media-related news: 

  • We used to look for volunteers to help us out in the kitchen for a maximum of two days per month. 
  • We keep track of every person who has helped us, even if it was only for one hour. We hope to compensate them sometime in the future. 

  • Every team member at naanu is compensated for their work through equity. 

Handelszeitung Interview mit Naanu

8 months ago

Our Founder, Julia Devecchi, in the interview with Handelszeitung. 

More about Naanu and some special insights in this interview (in German only)

Despite Crisis-year 2020: Founder Institute alumni celebrate successes

a year ago

A Founder's 2020: the year I ran a risky crowdfunding, developed an anxiety disorder and grew revenue by over +400%

a year ago

Hi fellow entrepreneurs, vegans, customers, team members, friends, family, investors, change-makers, sustainability heroes, and anyone else!

We started off our year with the challenge of rebranding from HappyBites (shout out to the OG’s who’ve known us since being HappyBites) to naanu (natural and nutritious) due to some newly filed trademarky.

naanu sponsors sustainable reforestation

a year ago

For treecember naanu partnered with onetreeplanted to help the reforestation of our planet. With our #treecember campaign together with our customers we reached 78 trees. 

Julia's interview with Startupdate

a year ago

Startupdate is a Switzerland-wide startup magazine that shares the latest news on Swiss startups with informative and instructive stories for those who are interested in founding a company and startups. In her recent interview with the magazine, Julia admits that running a startup feels like running an express train that never stops. Dig more about Julia's passion and journey in building naanu in this interview. 



naanu glows successfully in Basel Vegan Messe

a year ago

For the second time, naanu participated in the Basel Vegan Messe. This year, it took place in the majestic Elisabethen Kirche during 26-27 September. Meeting people directly like this always gives us a great chance to talk and listen to them- and of course, we're super happy that a lot of our cookies ended up in their bags! :)

Come and see naanu in Basel Vegan Messe

a year ago

Curious to try heaps of healthy delicious vegan innovations and exciting products? Join naanu at the Basel Vegan Messe on 26-27 September. It's a great chance to try our cookies, find out more about them, meet and talk to our team in person! 

naanu is featured in Vegpreneur

a year ago

VEGPRENEUR is the community for entrepreneurs building sustainable plant-based businesses. On their latest Founder Spotlight here, Julia shares her story of how she came up with the idea of naanu.

naanu got 100 votes on FoodHack Discovery Weekly List

a year ago

Every week, FoodHack Discovery features promising food-tech brands around the world. Proud and happy to say that at the end of this week, naanu got 100 votes. 

We are featured in a regional media

a year ago

In an interview with a regional online media, our founder Julia shared why and how she started naanu cookies and where people can find them now in Zürich. 

Find our cookies in Auer & Co Cafe in Impact Hub

a year ago

Who doesn't fancy some tasty snacks packed with heaps of nutrients between working hours? We are glad that now you can find and enjoy us in Auer & Co Cafes in Impact Hub Colab, Zürich. 

naanu is featured on the FoodHack Discovery

a year ago

Each week the FoodHack Discovery board features promising foodtech products and lets the audience vote on their potential. So proud and happy that naanu is also featured in this list together with other cool, potential brands. We hope to be able to make it to the top 5!

naanu was mentioned in the Founder Institute collaboration news

a year ago

The world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator Founder Institute with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices in over 200 cities worldwide, has recently announced its collaboration with Tel Aviv and Switzerland. As one of their well-known alumni, naanu was mentioned here. 

We are featured in Future Females

a year ago

Here is a lively, insightful chat between Julia our Founder and Nina Bode from Future Females, a platform that supports and empowers female entrepreneurs around the world. 

We are delighted to be listed in Foodspotters

2 years ago

We are delighted to be listed in Foodspotters, an online platform that helps you find local shops and food in Switzerland. 


naanu is featured in FoodBuzz

2 years ago

We are happy to be featured in FoodBuzz, a Berlin-based media that shares and promotes exciting news on food trends and food startups. 

naanu is now on Pinterest

2 years ago

Our benefits, stories of our brand or striking poses of our cookies, are all now on Pinterest. 

Our crowdfunding has been 129% funded

2 years ago

Today at 6pm our crowdfunding on page has ended successfully. Result: 25'955 CHF of 20'000 CHF pledged, supported by total 187 backers. 

We're on e-journal newspaper today

2 years ago

Today printed edition of e-journal newspaper featured us and our crowdfunding on their front page.

@MictheVegan talked about naanu crowdfunding in his Youtube episode

2 years ago

@MictheVegan has a goal to bust myths about veganism and make going vegan easier through his exciting youtube videos! Watch this episode when he talked about us and our crowdfunding.

naanu crowdfunding is featured in e-journal's homepage

2 years ago

Das regionale Medium e-journal schreibt über unsere crowdfunding kampagne auf und unseren Bemühungen für Nachhaltigkeit.


vegconomist features naanu's crowdfunding

2 years ago

Vegconomist, das vegane Wirtschaftsmagazin schreibt über unsere crowdfunding kampagne auf in der Produkte & Neuerscheinungen news über Startups. 

There's a brand-new exclusive reward for you!

2 years ago

We're sending you a 'unique taste test package' to your home. Inside: All the info about the test, all our varieties of cookies, new flavours (maybe your requested variety) and a few coffee beans and your name on our website Make sure to have a look at our rewards now and pick the one you like! 

Today we're halfway through the crowdfunding campaign!

2 years ago

We've reached more than 50% on the 10th day of our campaign! If you haven't seen our fun rewards, choose your favourite now. 

Yay. We're on Twitter now!

2 years ago

Now that you can find us here drop us a hello, leave us comments, tips or feedback. We'd love to hear from you. 

naanu cookies are now 100% organic!

2 years ago

We're happy to tell you that all the ingredients we use for our naanu are organic! For you who haven't tried our delicious, gluten-free, organic cookies, have a peep of our exciting rewards during here and choose what you like!

naanu starts the crowdfunding today!

2 years ago

We are live today!

Turning one year this month, naanu is proudly, passionately moving forward by doing our crowdfunding campaign, starting now! As challenging as it could be, we are determined to empowering the plant-based lifestyle with joy and convenience. Have a look at our exciting rewards and happy choosing! 

We're featured in FoodHack

2 years ago

To give insights and supports to our fellow entrepreneurs, Foodhack has been sharing interesting stories of food businesses in the network on how they navigate during these tough unsettling times related to COVID-19. Check out what our Founder Julia said about how we're adapting to the current circumstances. 

2019 naanu Update

2 years ago

A lot has been happening during 2019!

- Back in April, while at the Founder Institute, our Founder Julia Devecchi first came up with the idea for naanu. Since then, we've been on a crazy ride - with a continuously growing team! 

- With our first "edible" version of our cookies at the beginning of July when we went to vegana (a vegan fair in Zurich) in which we got a lot of valuable customer feedbacks (like, is it sugar-free version? Is it organic?).

- At the first vegan expo in Basel we talked to everyone about diets and health.

- During startup events, such as the FoodHack Summit and the Startup Weekend, we discussed our Business Model and challenges we've faced so far. 

See more about naanu progress in the last incredible 9 months in this update! 


naanu expos at FoodHack Summit

2 years ago

naanu was among 20 food(tech) startups to expo at FoodHack Summit and discuss the future of food. 

FoodTruckEmpire interviews naanu

2 years ago

FoodTruckEmpire’s Founder, Brett Lindenberg, interviewed naanu in painfully honest interview about the initial idea, hurdles & more. Read the full article of the interview of naanu' Founder. 

Gluten-free Blog covers naanu

2 years ago

Swiss Gluten-Free Blog, ‘mein glutenfreies chaos’, wrote about naanu products after tasting the gluten-free product at Veggie World in Zurich.

naanu graduates Founder Institute in Zurich 2019 cohort

2 years ago

naanu graduates from the idea-stage accelerator, Founder Institute on the 10th October at the Impact Hub Viadukt. After the initial idea of edible & delicious supplements from our Founder, Julia Devecchi, the Zurich based cohort saw naanu grow into what it is today. Check here for the full story of how naanu began. 




naanu graduates Y Combinator's Startup School

2 years ago

naanu graduates from Startup School after Founders, Julia Devecchi and Elissar Souweid, complete Y Combinator’s Program