From raw ingredients to nutritious cookies

naanu vegan nutrients Our natural process of organic ingredients

We’re a startup, so our process is our most important secret. We can’t give you the exact details, otherwise some big company might come along and copy what we’re doing. But because you’re important to us, we wanted to explain some parts of our process. Our ingredients go through a very lengthy process to make sure each naanu has high levels of vitamins and minerals. If you were to mix all ingredients together and eat the cookie like that you’d be lacking some very important nutrients! There are many parts to our all-natural process. What we can guarantee is that we don’t add any chemicals and we don’t use any unnatural processes during our production process. As we’re still an early-stage startup we’re still testing the best way to make our naanu while making sure that we don’t compromise on nutrients and flavour.

naanu vegan nutrients Handmade in Zurich

All of our products are currently still handmade in Zurich. That’s right, someone on our Team, possibly even our Founder Julia, has made your naanu cookies that you are hopefully enjoying right now. We prepare our ingredients on the day, bake all of our different flavours of cookies (including sometimes some test cookies [have link to sign up for test cookies once live]), and pack up all of our products on the same day into our biodegradable packaging.

naanu vegan nutrients All our products are lab tested

All of our cookies have been through a lab test. We do this to make sure that our cookies contain the exact amount of nutrients specified on our packaging. Giving us and you peace of mind for your health. This means any new flavour has to pass through a lab test to prove that it contains all of the listed vitamins and minerals. Additionally, we have our cookies tested again after a few weeks to make sure that the cookies haven’t lost any nutrients over time. Anything from light to air to time can affect the amount of nutrients in a food, which is why we want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need.